How to Train Your English Pointers


For some reasons, an English pointer is a great hunting companion. But unlike the most common hunting dogs, the English pointers have unique attributes that made them very popular. When hunting, these dogs do not merely run over the target, instead, they just simply stand near the target and point with their muzzle to their master thus, their name.

But owning these dogs as pets are another story. Since they were originally developed to become hunting dogs, they may have the tendency to elicit their hunting skills. Thus, it is very important for potential owners to remember that owning a dog that is originally bred not to be pet may have some disadvantages and even danger.

English PointerBut this is very different in the case of the English pointers. Since they are the type of hunters that don’t attack their prey, but only point to their masters, they have this very unique attribute that’s very unique to them.

In order to train them to not elicit their hunting behavior, training them while they are puppies is a very crucial step. Just like any other hunting dogs, an English pointer loves to do physical exercises and outdoor activities because they designed to do all of these stuffs.

Thus, when you’re thinking of owning these dogs not as a hunting companion, but as a family pet, you should prepare to train the dog and spend quality time to attend to its need not just in food but also with their other needs.

Attending to these needs will ensure that they will grow the right way. Besides, this is just one of the basics if a responsible pet ownership. After all, it’s not only your pet that will benefit from it, but even you or the people that surround you and you would be a pet.

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