Things People Should Know About Teacup French Bulldog


Things People Should Know About Teacup French Bulldog

For some reasons, dog lovers have become more creative when it comes to crossbreeding canine. One of the results of this innovation is the creation of several new breeds of dogs including teacup French bulldog.

But what most people don’t know about this breed is that is existed for almost two centuries now when it first developed and introduced in France in mid 1800. Years after years, the original breed was modified as a result of the original cooperation of British and American breeders.

The teacup French bulldog is a result crossbreed of the French Terrier and toy Bulldog. Unlike its bulldog ancestors, this new breed is slightly indoor type of dogs and prefers activities that require less physical strain.

It comes in different colors that vary from white, fawn, or brindle or a combination of the three. Just like most dogs, this breed, in most cases, come in different coat type such as smooth, shot, wired or textured, and closed.

Since these dogs can live for about 10-13 years, if properly taken care of by their masters, they are good house pets for those who are looking for dogs who have relatively longer lifespan.

When it comes to its behavior and temperament, they are generally smart and curious. With their natural instinct of willingness to learn, although they don’t like much of physical activities, they can learn new tricks and routines very quick. On top of their innate intelligence, these dogs are also fun loving, sweet to their masters, and protective to its owners.

One of the major health concerns that these dogs have is the problem with their respiratory due to their shorter nose. The most common respiratory illnesses this breed can get include difficulty in breathing and snoring. These problems get even worse for obese dogs and lack physical exercises.

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